How much does it cost to start selling on Brounce?

$30 Monthly subscription plus a 5% fee per successful online transaction on the platform. You can also subscribe to the Annual plan for $300, getting 2 months free.  We don't charge any transaction fees on all Cash payments. 

How do I collect my online payments? 

Payments are made to you primarily via Payoneer. It is easy to get one if you don't already have one. Signup for one today.

What are the payment methods on Brounce?

We integrate with Stripe to power our online payments, this means you can accept all types of Credit & Debit cards without any hassle or need for a merchant account. We also utilize the in-app Wallet which is the fastest and most convenient method. Customers can also pay with cash when they come to pick up their orders. You can choose what payment methods you accept.

What's "Brounce customer email" and why is this important?

This is the account you use as a Brounce customer. Be sure to get one as you will need it in the future. Business accounts don't have access to the Wallet feature on Brounce, so this account is used to settle disputes mainly customer refunds for canceled orders.

How long before I can start selling? 

After filling in the signup form and choosing a plan, you instantly get access to your dashboard, where you add your products and start selling immediately. Before customers can view your store we will review your information and approve your business, usually within 2 to 12 hours. After your account is approved, your store will then visible on the marketplace.

Are there any additional fees for the seller?

Yes. Stripe transaction fees - 2.9% + 30c. Transfer charges involved when transferring money to your Payoneer account.

Is there a limit to how many items I can sell?

No, We do not limit the number of products that can be listed by a business on Brounce. Simply add as many as you would like.

When do I receive my online payments?

Weekly. Your payments are sent weekly with a required minimum of $50. Any amount less than $50 that is not sent is added to the next payment. You keep all cash payments as they do not go through us.

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